The squadron of the last hope.

The Purgatory squadron was formed to offer a second chance to officers of the Second Fleet of the United Earthes Force. In case of indictment or conviction by the court martial, military judges and Admiral Von Richtburg may decide to place the officers involved, thus avoiding breaking men and careers.

The squadron was handed the command of Captain June Williamson and Lieutenant Kate Von Richtburg.

The captain WiIliamson June is the commanding officer of the squadron.

The lieutenant pilot Kate Von Richtburg is her second officer.

The lieutenant technician, Paulo Del Gado said Mario is charged with desertion.

The lieutenant pilot Amina El Moudden is charged with assault and injury.

The major-pilot John Baltimore is charged with insubordination.

The scientific Edward Kalish is charged with assault and battery.

The lieutenant pilot Milorad Racunicsa is charged with attempted rape.
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